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We imported new Afghan windhound girl from the Afghan King ` s breeding station in year 1970 and consequently one of the first black Afghan windhound Szedi Abe. After a while we also imported a couple of Saluki Faida el Parzi and Bighalas Bahjat.

During next 11 years (1972 – 1983) we were travelling across the whole country and also abroad with our dogs, in order to attend dog-races and exhibitions. Our kennel had up to 11 dogs by that time and we gained many Champion or Vice-champion titles, Interchampion diploma, CACIB etc.

We fully enjoyed it, however we got a bit tired at the same time. It was not possible to reduce our training programme, as we had to unconditionally attend the important dog-races. The demands on appearance of our dogs and the physical condition were really exhausting.

Therefore we started to part with windhounds and looked for the different and less demanding breed.

We bought the first bull terrier-bitch in year 1984 and our children named her after favourite book of K. Capek - Dášenka. Dáša got used to live with the rest of greyhounds, mainly without problems, and she stayed with us 15 years. In the meanwhile, we enlarged our kennel by other bull terriers: Deric, Čoki, Babeta, Bambína, Bety etc. We slowly got to the present days; when our kennel consists of bull terriers, French bulldogs and cats. Most of our dogs own pedigree and especially our bull terriers have very good predecessors (from breeding station Pajar, which two World Champions come from). We regularly attend exhibitions and breed shows, as we want to be still in the picture. We opened our web pages for keeping our prospective customers informed and hope that all of you like it.

Ivan Hasek

Ivana Haskova RNDr , Ing

Plzen (Pilsen) / approximately 70 km from borders with Germany/

Czech Republic

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